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Dr. Liu chaired the Session of "Systems Biology and Epigenetics" at CASMS 2022

CASMS is a non-profit organization that was formed by Chinese ASMS attendees in 1980 at New York City. The primary goal of CASMS is to promote academic and social interaction among Chinese mass spectrometrists worldwide. CASMS currently has more than 1000 members. While CASMS members are mainly Chinese scientists in North America, all mass spectrometrists around the world are welcome to join the society.

In the CASMS 2022 conference, Dr. Yansheng Liu and Dr. Yinsheng Wang (UC Riverside) co-chaired a session of "Systems Biology and Epigenetics". In it, Dr. Yansheng Liu also delivered a talk entitled "Profiling the protein post-translational diversity by data-independent acquisition mass spectrometry".


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