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20 Must-Read Papers for Proteomics Students

I recommend here examples of the best papers in the Proteomics field for the new students and scholars to read and refer to. These papers are classified into Leading Reviews, Methods, Softwares, and Applications in Biology/ Clinical questions, with their PubMed ID listed. Enjoy reading! Review 27629641: A recent review by Aebersold and Mann on Proteomics. 12634793: The first review by Aebersold and Mann, cited >6500 times. 27104977: mRNA-protein correlation-why proteomics? Method 20622845: How to select a quantitative proteomic strategy when needed. 18854821: Everything about S/MRM. 22261725: SWATH-MS, why & how? 28065596: Where is TMT now (by Gygi's group). 22984071: A classic cross linking