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Dealing with NAs by bottom-up proteomic principle

We are pleased to present NAguideR, which is now online at Nucleic Acids Research (IF 11.15). Mass spectrometry (MS)-based quantitative proteomics experiments frequently generate data with missing values, which may profoundly affect downstream analyses. A wide variety of imputation methods have been established to deal with the missing-value issue. To date, however, there is a scarcity of efficient, systematic, and easy-to-handle tools that are tailored for proteomics community. Herein, we developed a user-friendly and powerful stand-alone software, NAguideR, to enable implementation and evaluation of different missing value methods offered by 23 widely u

Yansheng Liu spoke at Spectronaut User Seminar at ASMS 2020

Yesterday, Birgit Schilling and Yansheng Liu spoke during our second #Spectronaut 14 user seminar at #ASMS2020 and shared exciting feedback on the new release. To view the recording and learn more about their research, please click on the link below: Also, all other past Biognosys events and their recordings can be found here: