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Proteomics joins the discussion of cell line reproducibility

Liu Y. et al, Nature Biotechnology (2019) Multi-omic measurements of heterogeneity in HeLa cells across laboratories. Abstract: Reproducibility in research can be compromised by both biological and technical variation, but most of the focus is on removing the latter. Here we investigate the effects of biological variation in HeLa cell lines using a systems-wide approach. We determine the degree of molecular and phenotypic variability across 14 stock HeLa samples from 13 international laboratories. We cultured cells in uniform conditions and profiled genome-wide copy numbers, mRNAs, proteins and protein turnover rates in each cell line. We discovered substantial heterogeneity between HeLa var

Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics featured on the 2018 issue of Breakthoughs – the year in review for

Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics: Powerful Tools for Cancer Research (Credit to “Peter Baker Photography”) Advances in mass spectrometry and proteomics are giving researchers new ways to better understand, detect, diagnose, and treat cancer. A year ago, Yale recruited Yansheng Liu, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pharmacology, to bring these innovative tools to the Cancer Biology Institute. Dr. Liu arrived from Zurich, Switzerland, where he spent more than six years in the Proteomics Lab of Dr. Ruedi Aebersold, a world-renowned pioneer in proteomics. He was lured here in part by Yale’s offer to furnish his laboratory with the fastest and most versatile mass spectrometer available, an Orbitrap Fu